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Engaging a Ripe Harvest

   Hello Friends and Family!!          I am so excited to tell you how the first several weeks in Denton have gone. The time is flying! It has been so busy meeting students on campus. Our first day going out on campus the leader team met at my friend Reagenn's house to prepare for the year and welcome week. There were so many student leaders there that we could barely all fit in the same room, almost forty. After that we went out to campus to have lunch with any students on campus. It was so encouraging to see people put themselves out of their comfort zone for their love of Jesus and their love for others. Here is a picture of the leader team at our meeting right before welcome week.     So many freshman on campus were looking for something to do the week before classes. Not knowing people and coming out of a pandemic made students even more eager to find friends, something to be a part of, and something fun to do. Having conversation with people and inviting them to things was so