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Ready For the Year

  Hello Ministry Partners! Thank you so much for joining me in ministry! Without your support I would not be able to get to do this ministry. This month has already been crazy busy. Classes for UNT students don’t start for another week but the apprenticeship is well underway. We’re already two weeks into the apprenticeship. It all started on August 1st where we the apprentices made their commitments for the year and it was also my 24th birthday! My Mom and Dad who helped me a lot today with moving also put a party on for me to celebrate both occasions. (I often feel the tangible love of Jesus in my life through their actions). If you didn’t get to watch the ceremony and would like to here is a link to the recording, it's pretty short. The next day all the apprentices joined the rest of the full-time staff on a three day retreat that was very encouraging and helpful for moving into this year. Even after being a part of the ministry for five years I