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Halfway through the year!

Hello Friends, Family, Fans, and Supporters!!       It is so crazy to me that the apprenticeship and this year of ministry is halfway through. It feels like so much has happened so far. From reading the Old Testament, to settling into Denton, building friendships, and giving my first sermon. The Work that God has done in my life over the last five months has been incredible and makes me excited to jump into this next semester. Thank you so much for your support in ministry through prayer and finances! The things that I am learning through scripture, classes, and people are irreplaceable and have already made a large impact on the way I think about God, the church, scripture, and being a disciple. I can't thank you enough for your support.   Praise God for His faithfulness and the ways that he works!      Our God is a very personal and relational God. He consistently meets people where they are at so that they can experience relationship with him and life to the full. God knew we we