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Seeing God move

 Hello all!! Getting to see God work in my life, the lives around me and the community has been amazing!  Large Group Worship at TNF Every avenue of ministry on the UNT campus has shown to me things about God. God has shown up so much recently and I am so grateful for this blog to give me a chance to stop and reflect on all those ways. One of the ways that I see God working is at TNF (Our large group meeting). We recently moved into a larger room that allows more space for fellowship and room for people to get out of their seats for worship. So many students are up at the front worshipping God, singing praises together, putting their arms around each other, and uniting on their mutual love for God and His people!!  Mini Pumpkin Painting Outreach Recently as part of the apprenticeship we have been doing an evangelism class as interns on the UNT and TWU campuses. The other week we were tasked with planning, promoting, and putting on an outreach event for both campuses. With Halloween com