Seeing God move

 Hello all!!

Getting to see God work in my life, the lives around me and the community has been amazing! 

Large Group Worship at TNF

Every avenue of ministry on the UNT campus has shown to me things about God. God has shown up so much recently and I am so grateful for this blog to give me a chance to stop and reflect on all those ways. One of the ways that I see God working is at TNF (Our large group meeting). We recently moved into a larger room that allows more space for fellowship and room for people to get out of their seats for worship. So many students are up at the front worshipping God, singing praises together, putting their arms around each other, and uniting on their mutual love for God and His people!! 

Mini Pumpkin Painting Outreach

Recently as part of the apprenticeship we have been doing an evangelism class as interns on the UNT and TWU campuses. The other week we were tasked with planning, promoting, and putting on an outreach event for both campuses. With Halloween coming up and with it becoming fall we decided to have a mini pumpkin painting outreach event. So many students signed up and were there ready to invite their peers into community! We were blown away at the number of people we got to meet, invite into relationship, and into our community. The first event at TWU we had 55 pumpkins and ran out with an hour left and the second event at UNT we had 120 and ran out with an hour left. It was so much fun to paint pumpkins and create life on the campuses through that and our conversations. 

UNT Men's Leader Meeting

Recently we have been trying to heat up the value of one-on-one time with God in our ministry. We had a unique sermon time the other week where we regularly paused to reflect on the passages from John that we were reading and reflect on what Jesus was saying. In addition to this we have encouraged our students to partner up with people in the community to keep each other accountable to their times with God. Students were very appreciative of the sermon and it has been encouraging to seem them join together to make God the priority in their lives!

UNT/ TWU Staff Halloween picture

I wish that I could type several pages of all the ways God is working but that would just be too much to read. So, I'll just quickly list a few others. God is working very evidently in a guy in my small group who I study with who seems close to making Jesus lord in his life, he is working in my core as a whole, in so many of the relationships around me, and in my own growth as a disciple. Thank you so much for partnering with me and allowing me to do this. It has been so humbling and encouraging to see God work through an ordinary person like me. Also, I promise my eyes are open in that picture.

Lastly, our yearly fundraiser called Keep Focus Growing is coming up here shortly and we're looking for people to give generously. So much of the way God has been able to work through FOCUS to sustain campuses and branch out onto new ones is because of this fundraiser and how He has used the generosity of his people. Please consider giving on November 30th your donations will be matched by a team of generous givers. Thank you so much for your support in whatever way you give it! Below is a link for KFG.

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