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The Sweetness of Community

 Hello Friends and Family!! UNT/ TWU Fort-Night before Christmas Party It is crazy to think that the school semester is almost over and that the apprenticeship is nearly halfway done. There has been so much happening recently and I can't wait to see how God works through the next school semester! Last Old Testament Class As of today we have finished all the classes from this semester. Thinking back on what all we have read it's encouraging to me to see how God has revealed himself to me. I have learned a lot about God's continual faithfulness to His people in the Old Testament. I have already seen God use this to help me minister to people that I am meeting with!!  Small group Wii Tennis Tournament Recently in my small group (core) we started saying the words "sea monkeys" when we get to the verse that we are about to read so we know that we are all there and can proceed. It has become kind of a theme for our core and I found a relatively cheap t-shirt with sea mo