The Sweetness of Community

 Hello Friends and Family!!

UNT/ TWU Fort-Night before Christmas Party

It is crazy to think that the school semester is almost over and that the apprenticeship is nearly halfway done. There has been so much happening recently and I can't wait to see how God works through the next school semester!

Last Old Testament Class

As of today we have finished all the classes from this semester. Thinking back on what all we have read it's encouraging to me to see how God has revealed himself to me. I have learned a lot about God's continual faithfulness to His people in the Old Testament. I have already seen God use this to help me minister to people that I am meeting with!! 

Small group Wii Tennis Tournament

Recently in my small group (core) we started saying the words "sea monkeys" when we get to the verse that we are about to read so we know that we are all there and can proceed. It has become kind of a theme for our core and I found a relatively cheap t-shirt with sea monkeys on it! Now we have a competition every week to see who will get a shirt as their prize. My coleader and I are splitting the shirt with the winner and helping them buy it. Eventually, we all be matching and get a group picture.. hahaha. My friend Jack won the wii tennis tournament. We have been meeting one on one and I have been encouraged seeing him thinking through the conversations in core and applying them in his relationships.

Pizza Theology

One of the sweetest things about being involved in the FOCUS ministry is how big and small it is at the same time. We have our campus communities like UNT but then when things like Pizza Theology happen and all the campuses come together. It is so cool to see how God uses the students to love on each other and how connected people are. A few weeks ago we had our Pizza Theology seminar where we talked about "How to think like a Christian" and so many students gave up their entire Sunday afternoon just to be challenged on how to be more thoughtful as a Christian. 

Another way I have experienced the beauty and love of God in community recently is when I went with some students from UNT to a high school football game. Four of us went with our friend Jackson to support his younger brother and while we were there we saw many more people involved in FOCUS that were there to support someone else's brother who was playing. God really is using people in the community to love on and be there for each other. Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to give back to this community that gives so much to me.

Thank you to anyone who gave to KFG (Keep Focus Growing)! We hit our matching funds and our goal!! God continues to show up and be faithful through generous people like you and it really does make a difference in so many college students lives. Lastly, I will be giving my first sermon along with all the other apprentices next week on the 17th and we're trying to figure out how to get it recorded so that we can share them with people. If you're interested please reach out, otherwise I might just send an email with it your way. Thanks again! 

Finally, Please be praying for the students to have restful and life giving breaks where they draw nearer to God and grow in their faith. As well as, that student's would come to winter camp and that their hearts would be softened and prepared as it gets closer to mid January.


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