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Watching Community Form

 Hello Ministry Partners, Friends, Family and Supporters!!     Thank you for taking the time to read about how one ministry has been doing in one community on one university in such a large world that needs Jesus. I am humbled when I think about the role that I get to play in helping build Jesus' Kingdom at UNT where there is so much opportunity for Jesus to be known. Without your generosity I would not be able to have this new experience which has been such a blessing. It is hard to think about how God is using me when it is so clear to me how much he is doing in my life through others and the Denton Community. Worship at our Thursday Night Fellowship Meeting        It is so sweet to be several weeks into the school year now. I recognize that I have been very blessed, relationships with guys in the community are growing exponentially! I am starting to feel at home with my roomates and being in Denton, real friendship centered around Jesus and genuine care for one another is happen