February Ministry Update


    Thank you so much for your support, friendship, and reading this months blog!! Ministry has been a blast recently and I can't wait to tell you about it.

Zoom Core during the winter storm

    This last month we have had two cores online which has felt a lot like the more intense covid-19 days. I remember during this core feeling like Jessie in Toy Story 2 not wanting go back in the box. But Praise God that even with bad weather we can still meetup!! Maybe there are some things we can learn from the weird times we had in the pandemic and not give up meeting with each other! 
    Also, we had three guys drop off with our small group but we have seven new guys this semester! God clearly is in control of what He is doing in peoples lives more than we can be.

Our first themed leader meeting, Aloha
        Another thing that is new is that we started incorporating themes into our leader meetings. Our first one was Hawaiian themed and after I reached out to Hawaiian Bros I was able to get a free meal coupon for all forty of our student leaders! Thank you Hawaiian Bros!!


    With Valentine's day coming up we did an outreach display board with questions based on love. We asked (on the left) "What is Love?" and (on the right) "What makes you feel loved?" It was interesting and sometimes encouraging to see people's answers. We do display boards probably one out of maybe four times that we do outreach and it seems to be the best way to meet guys on Texas Women's University. This particular outreach event I met somewhere around five or six guys and I am expecting to hang out with two of them soon! Please be in prayer that they are interested in friendship and community and that they get involved. It could be really great to have more guys from TWU in the ministry to reach the campus as students.

Mikey and I ran into our friend Joel

    I am not sure if you're supposed to admit to having favorites but I'll just explain the two guys in this picture like this... They are the two in my core who are the most consistent, ask me the most about my life in our time together, and they're the two that I am the furthest along in our one on one bible study in. They have become some of my closer friends during this year and I got to study foj with both of them this day. Mikey and I ran into Joel and then a few hours later I got to see Joel again for our one on one! I love these guys!!

    Thank you for reading about how my ministry is going!! You are loved and I am so grateful for you! Please take the time to read this months student testimony below and send me an email with how you are doing and any prayer requests you may have, or if you would rather we could setup a phone call to catch up :)




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